Dads helping dads

Welcome to my blog.

Nah, too lame.

Class is in session.

Oh yeah, all guys love school. What a great way to draw in the readers …

Boobs. Boobs and beer! Boobs, beer and sports!!

Now that’s the way to start a new blog. Who could resist reading more about the primary focus of pretty much every man on earth (well, nine out of 10, if you believe the statistics)?

A guy with a kid, that’s who.

I’m sure every new Dad’s priorities changed when his first child came along. It happened for me when my daughter Layne was born on July 3, 2007. (And I’ve officially pissed off my wife for linking to a picture of her 10 minutes after delivery – it was bound to happen sometime, I guess).

In the past 16 months I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn – through experimenting and guessing and taking advice and making up the rules and doing what I thought (hoped) was right – how to do the only job in my life that will really, truly matter after I’m in the ground raise a smart, healthy, socially-conscious, fun, responsible, hard-working, adventurous, and respectful child who will make me proud, not through winning awards or accolades (although those would be nice), but through helping others and making the world a better place.

So, instead of fumbling blindly along holding onto my wife’s hand as she leads me down the proper hallways, I thought a blog that brings dads – new and old – together to share thoughts and ideas on how to raise a ‘good’ kid would be a good idea. Hopefully it can be fun and somewhat informative, and maybe our better halves will drop by and tell us what we’re doing wrong and how to improve (admit it, our wives/girlfriends are vastly superior to us, because they can run on two hours of sleep for six straight months, be elbows deep in green poop, have vomit in their hair and still turn us on – see engorged breasts).

So check back daily and send me comments and discussion points.

If you’re anything like me, you can use all the help you can get.


6 Responses to Dads helping dads

  1. Hockeyman says:

    Nice boobs! Welcome to the world of dad blogs. There is very few of us actually when compared to mom blogs.

  2. 1sttimedad says:

    I’ve been cruising a lot of Dad-related blogs today and have noticed a lot of duplication, so it must be a small community. Well, hopefully I can add some insight and give some people some laughs!

  3. Eric says:

    I basically started a blog b/c my wife did and I, honestly, wanted to make sure my side of the story was being told as well. She, now, is not too keen on keepin hers updated and I, being the oh-so-dorky guy I am, decided to take blogging to the next level and actually post more often than the average joe. It has actually been a fun, a sort of therapy if you will, and has allowed me the vent my frustrations and just ask stupid questions that I know would get dumped on but decided to ask anyway. I also decided to start reading other “dad blogs” because one, it’s free and two it is a lot better than buying countless books at barnes and noble that are atleast $17.00 a piece… and as soon as I get to the financial section close it and turn on the tv. Well, enough rambling… glad to know there are more dads out there that actually care about their kids and still are aching for that day where their wives will push them on the bed and not just to have baby number two! LOL!

  4. 1sttimedad says:

    Yeah, if my wife had a blog I’d definitely have one just to protect my … uh … good name. I agree, you can learn more from asking other dads than you will from books (see the comment I just left on your blog!) and I enjoy reading about other people’s experiences too.

  5. […] was the last time I posted to this blog, which I called Wrapped Around Her Finger back on Nov. 15, 2008, when I launched […]

  6. […] was the last time I posted to this blog, which I called Wrapped Around Her Finger back on Nov. 15, 2008, when I launched […]

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