New Zealand creating good parents

New Zealand is expanding a program that forces parents of children with behavioural problems to attend classes.

“Parents of chronically disruptive children are now being sent on state-run parenting courses in a bid to address their children’s antisocial behaviour – some through court and Probation Service referrals.

“The 12 to 20-week group courses, which include homework assignments on how to play with children, teach parenting skills such as rewarding good behaviour, setting boundaries and discipline.”

Kids whose parents take part in the program have 75 per cent fewer behavioural problems after their parents complete the course.

I gotta say, I think this is a fantastic idea. Kids aren’t born bad. They aren’t born to be trouble. They’ll take as much rope as their parents will give them, and some parents either don’t know right from wrong themselves or don’t care.

The Boss works with troubled teens every day, and she sees these kids who have no support system at home, and who are having a helluva time at school. They get suspended for fighting, or drug use, or clowning around, and the school system is even ready to give up on them in some cases. Some of their parents or no better – missing appointments, or generally not giving a shit, despite the fact these people are trying to help their kid get off a path to drain-on-society-ville.

Now some parents are just overwhelmed by trying to put food on their table and pay rent while working one or two low-paying jobs, while others simply don’t have their own shit together, so how are they to raise a kid with the proper boundaries and discipline they need to succeed?

Kudos to the Kiwis for setting up this program and forcing parents to go and learn how to be good parents before their kid ends up in juvie, numbed on Prozac or pushing drugs.

Just because you don’t need a license to have a kid doesn’t mean a little training is a bad thing.


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