A shotgun clarification

Apparently, I haven’t been as clear in my previous postings about how and why lice have landed on our daughter’s head.

So here’s what’s happening in our part of Ontario.

Apparently, there’s a lice outbreak in schools from Bowmanville to Belleville, about 200 km apart. Our daycare provider’s kid has eight people in her class with lice, and they don’t send them home like they did in our day, they just try to contain things.

So, our daycare lady has been religiously cleaning and washing everything in her house, after the health unit told her there was nothing to worry about, health wise, for all the kids she takes care of.

But I guess a few slipped through.

But, other than being itchy, lice aren’t really that bad, as we’ve found out from our online research. They aren’t like fleas – they don’t jump – and they die a day or two after leaving their host, and I’ve had friends who have hung on longer than that, because the vacuum cleaner wouldn’t take care of them.

We certainly don’t live in a pigsty, and lice have nothing to do with cleanliness anyway. They just have a bad rep.

So there you go. ‘Nuff said.


5 Responses to A shotgun clarification

  1. Mr Lady says:

    Lice. I can’t even say that out loud, and i’m not sure I’m willing to say why.

  2. 1sttimedad says:

    And I’m not sure I should ask why …

  3. Eric says:

    Lice does have a bad stigma… I remember when I was young and in school if you knew someone who had lice they “offlimits”… it is like they left school and came back “changed..” like invasion of the body snatchers! LOL! jk jk

  4. 1sttimedad says:

    Yeah, I remember it was only the ‘dirty’ kids, or maybe that was just what we thought. Mostly I remember the volunteers jabbing my head with toothpicks when the whole school went into lice-lockdown after a few kids were infested.

  5. […] is my second official clarification for a blog post (read the first here), although this one is not at the urging of The Boss, as she’s unaware I’m writing […]

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