Spoiling my family with a night out

We took a field trip as a family tonight.

Even had us a picnic of sorts.

Only thing is, it was at a laundromat.

Normally we chip away at laundry at home, but with our washer out of commission (a timer is on order but it’s gonna be a week) and some potential lice to murder, the heaping of piles of clothes, sheets, and pillowcases just couldn’t wait any longer.

Plus, I can only wear this pair of underwear for so many days before people at work start assuming I shit myself.

So we loaded up the van and headed for the laundromat right after work tonight. Made a good night of it too, running around the joint chasing The Hurricane, pushing her around in those laundry carts, ordering pizza from a place further down in the strip mall and scarfing it down at the little tables jammed between washing machines, going into the pet store to play with the kittens – ‘Mow’ as The Hurricane calls them – and whatever else we could do to keep the little one busy.

In a weird sort of way it was a fun night out (oh my God that sounds so lame), because it was a break from the every day, post work routine – cook supper, feed The Hurricane, try to eat before she screams to get out of her chair, play for a while, have a bath, give her a bottle and put her to bed, and then The Boss and I crash on the couch.

So yeah, weaving in and out of tables in a laundry cart is a fun night out for us party animals.


2 Responses to Spoiling my family with a night out

  1. Jen says:

    Last Christmas eve, before we had a washer that would hold queen-sized duvets, I took the kids to the laundromat, and I swear, it was among the best times they’ve ever had. Go figure.

  2. 1sttimedad says:

    It’s amazing how a break from the routine can be so much fun, eh.

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