Two penises = no adoption

Know what pisses me off?


Good God fearin’, shotgun totin’, inbreedin’, church goin’ people.

Further solidifying the stereotype that the American south – in this case Arkansas – contain a bunch of redneck, backwoods homophobes, a story in the Chicago Tribune explains how the state that gave us Little Willie Clinton has banned unmarried couples from adopting children.

But, as the Family Council Action Committee (FCAC) says, it’s not to stop John Smith and Jane Doe from adopting for lack of a piece of paper and ring, but to stop John Smith and Bob Jones and their evil touching penises from giving foster kids good, loving homes.

The purpose of the ballot measure, according to the Family Council Action Committee, was “to blunt a homosexual agenda that’s at work in other states and that will be at work in Arkansas unless we are proactive about doing something about it.”

Good on the FCAC (do they realize their acronym is F-CAC – now sound that out for a second …) for being 100% completely fucked in the head.

They’d rather leave children with sexually and physically abusive, drug addicted criminals that they are forced to call mom and dad when not bleeding from a foodless mouth than allow two people who are in love, have a warm, safe place to live and can provide health care, an education and three square meals a day, to save helpless children from a shitty fucking life with heterosexual parents.

Or even better, a shitty fuckin’ life being bounced house to house and orphanage to orphange, with stops at home with their “real” parents along the way, just to warp their poor little minds a bit more.

And still, the goddamned voting public agreed with these nutjobs, who would rather protect the almighty “sanctity of marriage” – whatever the fuck that is in a Bible-thumpin’ state with the second highest divorce rate in the U.S.A. at 6.3 per 1,000 marriages, behind only Nevada at 6.4 – than give children a proper start in life, with loving individuals.

It’s 2008 – don’t look now you hillbillies, almost 2009 – and Arkansas is leading the charge when it comes to continuing the cycle of useless drains on society who get to blame their shitty life on their deadbeat parents, while two people are denied a chance to alter the life of a hard-luck kid simply because they share the same genitalia.

It’s absolute, fuckin’ insanity.


2 Responses to Two penises = no adoption

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how some elements of our society simply refuse to evolve mentally, let alone socially.

    This type of bigotry and dim-witted fear of so-called “homosexual agendas” makes you wonder about those who hold those fears..what exactly are they hiding in their closets?

  2. 1sttimedad says:

    I know, I still have a hard time believing it. I hope the group Googles their own name and somehow stumbles upon this blog, just so one of them would leave a comment and let us into their stunted little minds.

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