Potty training (minus the training)

Yesterday I mentioned how my 17-month-old is advanced for her age, and I backed it up with next to no examples because I figure you’ll just take my word for it.

But this weekend, The Hurricane has proven me right about four times.

Four stinky, poopy times.

That’s how many deuces she’s dropped in the potty this weekend, with minimal ‘training’. We introduced her to the potty a couple of months back, but have never forced it on her because she’s still young, and seemed to be in no hurry to lose the diaper.

It really just started with the fact she wanted an excuse to play in the bathroom and so, being good parents that are always looking for a way to entertain her, we obliged.

Then, the odd pee would show up in the potty, but only after she pushed us out, closed the door and had a little privacy. But after a couple of days and a couple of successes, the potty dried up (literally).

Since she has been grabbing her diaper and saying ‘poo poo’ after she goes pee (I guess she figures the one word covers all her bases), so we have been hesitant to rush her to the bathroom, strip her down and fumble to get her diaper unlatched, only to find it soaking wet.

But this weekend she started telling us before she did the deed. And now we have a ‘baby’ that’s going #2 in a pot.

It’s exciting, because I’m no fan of the diaper, but also disgusting, because I’m no fan of dropping her poo into the toilet and then chasing her around the house trying to wipe her bare bottom, but hey, especially like tonight, in the middle of supper!

Now the trick is getting her to keep using it. I’ll do my best to encourage her from as far away from the poo as I can.


4 Responses to Potty training (minus the training)

  1. Eric says:


    That is great…
    lets hope she doesn’t revert back…

    some kids like to do that! Why? Oh I dunno… I figure Peter Pan comes to their window, wisks them off to never, neverland where he tells them they don’t have to grow up!

    Then they come home and need a diaper again…

    Oh I can’t wait! LOL!

  2. nukedad says:

    Sam’s sells baby wipes by the case…just sayin’. Your battle is half over! If our experience is an indicator, expect her to “push the envelope” now that she knows how it all works. Ours would wait until the last possible second to “evacuate”. Sometimes they made it, sometimes they didn’t. One time making them clean up the “tardiness turds” put an end to it.

  3. 1sttimedad says:

    The tardiness turds … let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!!!

  4. Mr Lady says:

    I’m just going to laugh at you on this one, and say, OH, I remember that…..

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