Naughty blogger

Today is my one-week anniversary.

That’s how long it has been since I’ve posted a blog.

Y’know, in case you’re one of the two people in cyberspace that actually care.

I find that after sitting in front of a computer for nine hours a day at work, it’s fairly difficult to come home, play with The Hurricane, eat supper, and then park myself back in front of the computer for another hour or so.

But I do enjoy it, so I guess I’ll just have to pull my arse off the couch and get to gettin’.

So, for those of you who check 10, 12 times a day month to see if I’ve updated, I’ll try to do better.

I promise.


One Response to Naughty blogger

  1. habfanintoronto says:

    Congrats on falling off the blogging wagon and climbing your ass back on, lord knows how many times I have done it with my sports blog.

    Which is disheartening, since the Leafs sucks so bad and there is so much to gripe about them, their fans and the T.O. media which feeds them!

    Happy New Year!

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