Why I hate teachers

Know what pisses me off?


Not the good teachers who help their students get passing grades. Or the teachers who hoist the underachieving group of students onto their shoulders and help them find their calling instead of scuffling along a road to gang-bangin’ and drug dealin’ (OK, I’ve watched a few movies). Or even the teachers who drink, stink and have affairs with other teachers in their high school not to mention that ones fired for dinking their students (at least 10 teachers from my high school fall somewhere in those categories – one even falls into both the stink and sex with student block too, which made for interesting classes I tell ya).

Nope, the teachers that piss me off are the ones who tell seven-year-olds that Santa doesn’t exist.

(And the ones who complain because they’re not getting paid enough, despite having a ceiling of over $100,000 before retirement, the strongest union in Canada that owns real estate holdings and the Toronto Maple freakin’ Leafs, four per cent annual increases on top of their crazy salaries, two weeks off at Christmas, a week off in March, all the sick days they can handle, oh and two fucking months off in the summer…)

Whoa, what happened there? Oh yeah, back to the ‘No Santa’ supply teacher.

It’s not the fact that this teacher told Grade 1 students that the Big Guy is fictitious – which he so obviously is not – but the fact that she did it on her first day of supply teaching at this school.

How absolutely retarded is that?

Does this teacher ever want to work again? How in the name of Rudolph does she think she’ll ever land another supply teaching in not only her city, but most likely on her continent, after telling a group of seven-year-olds that the one thing – the only thing – that is still honoured by everybody in this day and age is that YOU DON’T TELL KIDS SANTA DOESN’T EXIST you don’t tell kids Santa doesn’t exist (sorry, I’m a newspaper editor, I just can’t bring myself to use capital letters in such a reckless way).

I’m sure it was a mistake, and all the apologies in the world will be given, while assurances will be made right up until Christmas morning, but I think this teacher needs to think again about her career choice, because right now, I don’t think her chosen path heading in the right direction.


4 Responses to Why I hate teachers

  1. Mr Lady says:

    People who think at a 7 year old level should not teach 7 year olds. What a moron.

  2. Another Dear Old Dad - Larry says:

    Was this person related to Tom Cruise and his knowledgable Scientologists too?

  3. Eric says:

    OMG! Are you serious?
    My wife, is, in fact, a teacher…
    I made sure to read it to myself before I read it to her…
    But, she is in total agreement… her response was:

    “How mean! You just don’t do that! Is the woman totally crazy?”
    Okay, so I added in the last part… my wife is really nice and so I had to add something mean in there…

    Were you able to smooth things over?

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