Scrambling to get ready for Christmas

Christmas is but a few short hours away and I’m scrambling.

I was scrambling to get back home last Friday night for two family Christmases because of severe winter weather. I was scrambling to get back to Lake Ontario’s shores on Sunday because of more shitty weather (luckily, leaving The Boss and The Hurricane at The In-Laws), but made it because of my Dad’s great driving skills — yeah, I can still learn a thing or two from The Old Man.

This week I’ve been scrambling to get out three newspapers (thankfully I have an amazing staff), scrambling to shovel snow, scrambling to recover from Saturday’s binge drinking festival, scrambling to run The Boss’s errands that she didn’t get done before heading home for the holidays, scrambling to run my own errands, scrambling to put together a present for The Boss that isn’t too lame, scrambling to hang out with my Little Brother (Big Bros. program) — I hope he wasn’t too disappointed that his “present hasn’t come in yet” … his response … “Oh, it’s still in the store?” smart ass — scrambling to blog (and losing), scrambling to clean the house so we don’t come home to a mess on Dec. 28, scrambling to get all my work done by noon today so I can get on the road …

To relaxation.

Four days off.

With only two family gatherings, but a Boxing Day free and clear to chillax.

The light at the tunnel is here, and when it’s spending time with my family and extended family, it’s all good.


One Response to Scrambling to get ready for Christmas

  1. Kim says:

    Have a fantastic Christmas Dwight and wish your girls a Merry Christmas for me too!

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