So long, 2008

I already posted this on my work blog because: a) I’m lazy; b) it’s New Year’s Eve and I have an evening of cribbage and backgammon (wife’s idea) and wine and beer and World Junior Canada vs. U.S. hockey (my idea) planned; and c) it translates well to this blog too.

And I know I haven’t blogged about Christmas yet, but I’ve been too busy and a) I’m lazy, in case you’re an idiot and forget already.

So here’s today’s serving of double-blogged goodness:

Can you believe it’s over already?

It’s completely cliché, but it does seem like just yesterday we were popping the cork on 2008, with a house full of friends who made the trip from Bruce County to our place in Port Hope.

But, as they say, time flies, and now that we’re heading into the final year of the first decade of millenia, I can now say boy, the decades sure fly by too.

I always thought my parents were crazy.

Oh, should I elaborate?

OK, I always thought they were crazy when they said how quickly the years and decades pass us by, but I completely understand now that I’m an ‘adult’ with a full-time job, and mortgage payments, and a wife (a wonderful wife, I might add) and a beautiful child. No longer are years decided by semesters and mid-terms and summer jobs and hockey and baseball seasons and prom parties and March Breaks and two-week Christmas vacations and the inevitable New Year’s Eve blow-out at a friend’s house.

This year, a mere decade since my 19th New Year’s Eve (I’m actually weeping now), my wife and I will be spending New Year’s Eve struggling to stay awake past 10:30 p.m., while knowing the alarm clock in the crib in the other room will still be up at 7:30 a.m., no matter what holiday it is.

But, when I look back at the joy I’ve experienced in 2008 with my family, and the progress I’ve seen The Hurricane make, from bum-scooting around the house, to walking, to talking, to singing her and her Mom’s night-time song (and saying the proper words!), to peeing in the potty consistently (well, at least for the past few days), 2008 has hands-down been the best year of my life.

And I wouldn’t trade a second of it for a return to my carefree teenaged years.

So here’s to 2008. I hope yours was as fulfilling as mine, and let’s hope for an even better 2009.


One Response to So long, 2008

  1. Vince says:

    Happy New Year to you and your awesome family my friend.

    Leave the staying up past 10:30 p.m. and raising hell to the rest of us non-family types 🙂

    Cheers and all the best.

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