Taught by TV

Know what pisses me off?

Kids cartoons and shows.

They’re just so educational.

And what’s with that?

I know, it’s a good thing that The Hurricane can learn manners from Franklin – although I was taught to never trust a talking turtle – or reading from Super Why or what a map is from Dora the Explorer (and don’t they realize we can tell that doesn’t rhyme?), but I fail to see the entertainment value in all this learning. There’s no fighting, nothing blows up, and everything is just so warm and fuzzy and everyone’s so special that it’s just a bit much.

I don’t know why I have just noticed this now, but perhaps it’s because of the week away from work, when The Hurricane and I watched a minute or two of TV from time to time, just to take a break from tearing the house apart.

That’s how I got to thinking about the cartoons I used to watch, like Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Bugs and Tweety, and Thundercats. And do you know what I learned from them? This:

– you should always be polite to transport trucks because you never know when they might turn into combatting robots

– all cops are bumbling, inept idiots

– violence is funny, unless you’re the one getting the anvil dropped on your head

– the word ‘Ho’, which would eventually get me slapped at least once later in life, so I guess I didn’t use it in the same context as the Thundercats call to arms.

And yet, even with all these uneducational but entertaining cartoons, I somehow turned out OK.

But I will say that today’s cartoons/shows do a decent job of slowing The Hurricane down for a few minutes at a time, so they could be teaching her how to make a shoe bomb and I’d be happy with the break in action.

So some evils are just necessary, I guess.


One Response to Taught by TV

  1. Steven says:

    hi 1sttimedad, good point. Children needs better education nowadays, and I think it first came from the family itself, not from TV.

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