Out-parented by the babysitter

The Hurricane has been on holidays from her daycare since mid-December, with Christmas break and then weeks off for both of her parents.

But yesterday was her first day back with Carolyn, her fantastic daycare provider, who The Hurricane adores.

The Boss and I felt bad sending her back, because over the past three weeks she has given up naps – after Carolyn had her trained to be asleep every day by 11:30 a.m. – she has received constant one-on-one attention, and is pretty much used to getting her own way because no matter how hard we try, it’s damn near impossible to say no to that face.

In fact, we were pretty sure she was going to drive Carolyn insane today, not wanting to share her attention with the other four kids at daycare, and we figured there was no way she’d have a nap because naps are so 2008 for this big girl.

If she won’t do it for her parents, despite two weeks of tough love and being left in her crib from noon to 2 p.m. in hopes that she’d talk herself to sleep (instead she just played with her dolls and tore the sheets off her bed for a couple of hours each day, which I thought was better than nothing), what were the chances she’d be a perfect angel on her first day back at daycare? I would have said 25% chance of goodness, and 75% chance of nastiness.

Well, it turns out it was like she never missed a day. She was nice to all the kids, didn’t hog Carolyn’s attention, was hugging and kissing everyone (a rare occurrence, even for Mom and Dad), and slept for two hours starting at 11:30 a.m., her regular routine at the babysitter’s. That’s right, a full two hours.

Say what?

What sort of magic sorceror is this woman? How can she get The Hurricane to revert to routine so easily, when she down right refused to do so for us after the Christmas rush destroyed her day-to-day schedule?

It’s amazing and it’s embarrassing all at the same time, because I’m happy the little one is behaving properly and napping and all, but perplexed as to why she won’t do it for me and The Boss.

Perhaps Carolyn can bottle her magic potion up and give it to us, because I would love my Saturday and Sunday afternoon naps back.


One Response to Out-parented by the babysitter

  1. James says:

    No naps at her age? Wow, I feel for you. Lukas still needs his 2 plus hours and I hope it lasts for a while.

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