Community mourns loss of teachers

A few weeks ago I wrote about the types of teachers I dislike.

On Tuesday night, in the area I live in just outside the Greater Toronto Area, we lost a couple of the good ones to a tragic car accident. The Grade 2 and 2/3 teachers were returning home to their young families after a day of professional development at the local school board offices. Of course, weather was a factor when their Honda Accord lost control and was hit on the passenger side by a loaded tractor trailer. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

On Wednesday, my newsroom at a twice-weekly community newspaper that covers the towns the teachers worked and lived in, spent the whole day collecting information and telling the stories of these two great teachers. Some people were too upset to talk to us, while others put on a brave front and talked to the local and national media.

But what touched me most were the tributes that have been pouring in from friends and former students, expressing grief and sorrow, but also celebrating the accomplishments of these women, who made life better for the children of our community.

It’s so sad when people die too young. It’s even more sad when they leave husbands, young children, and many, many students and colleagues with gaping holes in their hearts that won’t soon be mended.

My condolences to all who knew them.


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