It’s all instinct

There are times when The Hurricane does something that just stops me in my tracks.

One day it will be a word she picked up from seemingly out of nowhere, the next as she attempts to move her hand in a circular motion to indicate how windmills rotate.

Or it can be like yesterday norning, when her Grandma Giggles (my Mom) took her upstairs to get her baby, just before I left for work. The Hurricane came down the stairs with one of her many dolls, found a toy bottle, and headed for her Dora chair in the middle of the living room.

Sometimes she sits on the doll. Other times she’d have it upside down, or swinging it at the dog by its leg, but not yesterday.

Yesterday, she cradled the baby gently in her arms, careful not to disturb the swaddle Nana had put it in. She put the bottle in its mouth, and looked her in squarely in the eyes as she ‘fed’ her.

How can an 18-month-old look so old, so natural?

She has fed her babies before, but I’ve never seen her do it with such care, such precision, such instinct. She looked like a little Mommy.

Of course, instinct is not anything new to the human race. The Hurricane herself came out of the womb and was feeding from her mother’s breast mere minutes later, without hesitation.

It’s difficult to recognize the things hard-wired into our brains that we adults do on a daily basis, until you see someone so young, with no life experience, hold and rock a ‘baby’ gently with all the love and affection of a real Mom.

Then you realize there are some things even the best parent can’t teach.


4 Responses to It’s all instinct

  1. Amy says:

    She has life experience of her Mom loving and rocking her 🙂

  2. You never see boys do this (well, rarely). They would rather just throw them around the house. Or use them as a GI Joe objective. Or use them to torment their little sisters. 😉

    My daughter is pretty caring with her dollies as well. She named half of them after her brand new cousin and rocks them and changes their diapers. They are such cute little mommies.

  3. James Austin says:

    Very nice that she is such a natural. Lukas will grab a baby doll at daycare on occasion but he mostly just carries it around and says “bye-bye baby, bye-bye”

  4. 1sttimedad says:

    @ Amy

    True, true. Never thought of it like that. (here it goes …) You’re right again honey.

    @ Super Mega Dad

    Yeah, sometimes it’s easy to forget they’re little people, instead of the crazy freak-a-zoids they normally act like.

    @ James Austin

    That’s likely for the better anyway. He won’t want his daycare girlfriends thinking he’s ready to settle down already!

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