7 Responses to A million dollar arm

  1. Yeah, don’t be one of THOSE dads. I was a ref for the little kid sports down here and I threw MANY parents AND couches out because they were just really bad. Parents don’t need to stress out 4 and 5 year old kids out. Just let them have fun. It’s much more memorable that way. Otherwise they just learn to hate the game.

    • 1sttimedad says:

      @ Super Mega Dad

      I too have been a referee and umpire and have chucked my share of coaches. It really is amazing how crazy some people get. To be honest though, it’s often the ones who don’t understand the game (coaches included) and Moms are often the worst, because they’re gossiping with other Moms until their Little Johnny is on the ice and if he falls over they lose their shit. That’s probably going to be The Boss, now that I mention it …

  2. James Austin says:

    That’s awesome. A great sense of smell and a great arm too. The whole package.

    Lukas has a great arm too, but he is currently bending it like Beckham did a few years ago. The kid is the next Pele the way I see it. Ok, I just dated myself with that reference.

  3. 1sttimedad says:

    @ James Austin

    Pele? Didn’t he pitch for the Phillies? (sorry, I live in a no-soccer household and cannot justify a soccer reference with a sensible response *ha ha*)

  4. […] She continued to wow people with that wicked throwing arm. […]

  5. A million dollar arm Wrapped Around Her Finger is an interesting name for a blog, keep up the good work, thanks, from Winifred Whitley

  6. […] at least to the point where she’ll put her glove on this year so we can play some catch and maybe work on that million dollar arm. This entry was posted in Kids and sports and tagged Jose Bautista, Major League […]

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