Family Day? I’ll take it

Yesterday was Ontario’s second annual Family Day – a statuatory holiday created in 2008 by our provincial government.

Some people (like small business owners who have to foot the bill for another stat holiday or pay time-and-a-half to workers) think it’s a political ploy, and generally think it’s crap.

But me? Hmm, a paid day off that gives me an excuse to hang out with my family (even if 3 1/2  hours of said day are spent in my kick-ass van) … boy that’s a tough one.

But I think I’ll take it.

It was Family Weekend for us, spending four days back home visiting The In-Laws, friends, relatives, and the bottom of a few bottles.

The Hurricane had a big weekend too, playing with our friends’ son who is a couple of months older than her, and trading pushes, bites, kicks and likely a few other nasty manoeuvres – as well hugs and kisses – with her new friend.

She finally got her hands on cats she can actually pet when we visited my aunt and uncle. They have seven granddaughters from age three (or four) to 12, so these cats have been-there-done-that, and probably enjoyed the mauling.

She hugged and kissed the identical twin boys our friends had last month about 30 times (each), because we were just meeting them for the first time.

She continued to wow people with that wicked throwing arm.

She ‘watched’ her first live hockey game at the Ripley Winter Carnival.

She actually slept through the night – twice! – at Nana and Papa Farm’s.

And she was so upset the Family Day weekend was over that she cried for the entire last hour of our long trip home Monday afternoon.

It’s tough being a kid.


2 Responses to Family Day? I’ll take it

  1. James Austin says:

    I want a trade. How about we trade Columbus Day for Family day, straight up? Ok, Ok, we’ll throw in Flag day as well cause it’s not a day off work.

  2. 1sttimedad says:

    @ James Austin

    No dice. I need more excuses not to go to work.

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