A ‘hack’ job

There’s a great conversation going on over at Super Mega Dad’s blog about his young kids and how they are used to immediate access to information because of technology.

If they want a movie, it’s on the computer. If they want a TV show, he can bring it up on his cell phone. Need to pause live TV? Hell you can do that too. I can’t because I’m too cheap for a DVR, but he can …

Go give it a read, because not only does he make a lot of great points in his blog, but the comments section touches on a lot of different aspects of kids and technology, without resorting to the, ‘When I was a boy …’ syndrome.

It’s good readin’, so much so that I’m not even ashamed to be mailing in this post and being a complete hack by simply linking to someone else’s blog.


3 Responses to A ‘hack’ job

  1. Eric says:

    It is against the law of physics, or something, to pause LIVE TV!

    I mean, it’s so unnatural!

  2. Hey bud, thanks for the pingback! I was really impressed by the really great comments on that post. People really took a lot of time and thought about this one and I was pretty proud of that one. It hadn’t really hit me until Princess K was sitting there watching the Disney Channel on my CELL PHONE (of all things) that I realized that we live in a new age.

    • 1sttimedad says:

      @ Super Mega Dad

      No problem. Like I said, good conversation

      @ Eric

      I’ve never tried it, but my Dad just got it and likes it. It would be great for sports, because I hate missing the first period of hockey games to put The Hurricane to bed, etc.

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