Shut up Saturdays

March 14, 2009


Anybody here?


Well, if anyone does bother to drop by the ol’ blog anymore, after an almost two-week hiatus, please accept my apologies.

The Hurricane went through a five- or six-day vomit-and-diarrhea-fest, while The Boss and I have also been busy on the meetings/work/sports circuit. So I just haven’t had the time and/or energy to update the blog for the past couple of weeks.

It’s actually been a nice break. Although I enjoy telling the tales of The Hurricane’s life, it was starting to become a distraction and a drain.

Otherwise, known as a job.

Instead of enjoying the little one every moment I could, I found myself worrying about what I’d post about that night, and y’know what, that’s just not the point of writing a blog for fun.

So from here on out, I’ll post when I have something to say or pictures to share, but I’m not going to make myself crazy trying to post every day. I get enough stress at the office, there’s no sense having it at home too.

But I hope you’ll keep dropping in and saying hello whenever you do. Here’s some pictures of The Hurricane now that she has passed the 20-month mark.






Getting ready for our first bike ride!

Getting ready for our first bike ride!





I should have stayed in bed

March 2, 2009

Mondays are never easy.

It’s tough to get amped up for the work week after spending two carefree days chasing your 20-month-old around the house.

But this morning was tougher than most Mondays — to the point where I look at the clock, see it’s still not 9 a.m., and consider heading back home and crawling back under the covers.

This morning was just one of those mornings. I woke up with an unsettled stomach, which is never a nice way to open the eyes. But I soldiered on, aided by my daughter, who felt like cuddling and reading books this morning instead of turning the house upside down, which is her normal routine. I like the quieter pace at 7 a.m.

Then, once The Boss and The Hurricane had headed for work/daycare, I got ready for work with the hopes nothing else would go wrong.

Oh, how wrong I was.

While making my peanut butter sandwich, I somehow ended up with PB halfway up to my elbow.

Then, I spilled coffee on my hand.

Not long after, when loading my car with my laptop, gym bag and my travel mug of coffee, I set my coffee down on my trunk. Not three seconds later, I hit my trunk-popper, spilling coffee all the way the side of my car.

With today’s frigid temperatures, it immediately began to freeze. I ran back into the house to get a wet towel to wipe the car down. Somehow, I managed to complete this task without harming myself or others. After I cleaned the coffee off the car, I wound up to throw the towel from the street to my doorstop (no time for walkin’), and as my arm — covered in rust during baseball’s off-season — came forward, my feet slipped on a collection of pebbles that are everywhere in the winter.

Although I didn’t go down, it was close, and my throw up the driveway came up about 15 feet short. I sheepishly looked over my shoulder to see how many neighbours were outside watching. Although no one else was outside, I’m sure most just happened to be walking by their windows during my hideous display.

So, if you’re trying to get a hold of me today and I don’t answer my phone, it means something else happened, and I have officially declared today a write-off, and am huddled under my covers, just waiting for Tuesday.