Back to the world of blogging

March 14, 2009.

That was the last time I posted to this blog, which I called Wrapped Around Her Finger back on Nov. 15, 2008, when I launched it.

And I honestly had to Google Search my own name (hello vanity!) to find the blog, because I had completely forgotten what it was called or where it was even hosted. All I could remember was that I used to get hits from people who had searched for the lyrics to the song ‘Linger’ by the Cranberries, although I couldn’t remember the actual words people would search.

So yeah, my blog hasn’t exactly encompassed my thoughts since I ditched it 17 months ago.

But since that time, (actually, just since this past April) I’ve left the newspaper industry and entered the world of corporate communications. I’m really enjoying the change in duties, pace, deadlines, hours, and family life, as myself and The Boss have returned to our hometown of 600 people, exposing The Hurricane, who is now a three-year-old wild child, to small-town life where nearly all of our extensive extended families live, meaning she’ll be sharing a classroom and soccer pitch and hockey ice and first beer with her second, third and fourth cousins, much like her parents did.

Some day, there will be some first cousins too, we hope. Hint, hint, honeymooners…

So now that my job no longer requires much writing, and now that I’ve had a few months to get away from the written word – barely even glancing at my hometown newspapers, despite one of them having employed me as both a reporter and editor – I’m starting to get the itch again.

I need to write.

I need to tell stories about The Hurricane, and document my family’s second foray into parenthood, as we await the arrival of our second child around Christmastime.

I need to generate interest in topics amongst friends and random strangers, not because I need to be the centre of attention or crave positive comments from people in a social setting, but because it’s something I’ve done for a third of my life. I’m closing in on 31, and these are the first few months since I was 17 I haven’t been involved in newspapers and/or blogging at one time or another.

It’s in my blood, despite my new-found status as a corporate sell-out, which my old newspaper friends still mention from time-to-time, much like I did when I was still in the game and working 50 hours a week and being paid a pittance for 35.

So, I think I’m back.

I’ve just finished a book that I neither loved nor hated, but finished to the end because it had enough pearls of wisdom that hit home to deserve my hanging in there. It was called ‘The Happiness Project’ and it documented one woman’s year-long focus on becoming a happier person. One of her fundamentals to becoming happy was to be herself, and to not deny herself of something she truly loved, whether she felt she should be doing it or not.

So, I’m going to be me and stopĀ stifling my urge to just write something… anything!

I learned from my first foray into family-life blogging that it absolutely cannot become more important than spending every waking moment with my family (hence why I dropped it in early-2009), but it can be a fun and healthy way to make use of the little downtime I do have.

So, if you somehow stumble across this, welcome back!


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