A living journal

I honestly didn’t think writing that post yesterday would have such an uplifting effect (or affect? Ah, I hate those words!) on me.

Oddly, I feel lighter today. Some people need to yell and scream, or go for a five mile run (yeah, right) to clear their head, but I just needed to do some typing.

My cousin Derek summed it up perfectly in a comment on Facebook:

“Writing is like walking, for you, so just put one word in front of the other!”

I’ve never thought of it like that, but love the analogy. So yeah, maybe sitting on my ass spewing words is the equivalent to a nice, long run for me (think my doctor and her judgmental Body Mass Index will buy that? Mildly obese? I wrote 2,000 words this week!).

This morning, as we took a break from playing in bed with The Hurricane, who again slept in until a very-late-for-her 7:30 a.m., The Boss said I need to keep writing in the blog because it’s like a living journal. It documented, in too great of detail most likely, six whole months of our family’s existence. As she looked back through old posts last night, she found events (small in hindsight, but big at the time) that she had completely forgotten… like the time The Hurricane probably ate poo, or the time she landed her first two-foot jump. You think you’d never forget things like that, but you do.

But life moves forward, and memories stay behind.

Another pearl of wisdom I pulled out of that Happiness Project book was the quote:

The days are long, but the years are short.

It’s so true. So many things happen in one day when you have a full-of-life three-year-old that you’re exhausted by day’s end, but there’s so many memorable things happen (like her bang-on use of her… uh… mother’s favourite swears) that you think you’ll never forget them.

But in a snap, a year – or in the blog’s case, 17 months – passes you by and, at least in my case, those memories fade and will only be remembered if one of us happens to tweak sometime and bring it up. It’s a ‘Remember when…’ moment, instead of a fully-documented account of exactly what happened one day in the beautiful life of our first child.

I’m saddened I tired of my blog back then, because there have been so many unbelievably amazing everyday things happen in our lives since March, 2009, and I’d now struggle to explain any of them in great detail.

The days are long, and the years are short.

At least now I realize it though.


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